About Us

Tapestry Productions Purpose is to produce live music events that raise awareness and funds for grassroots projects that protect the natural environment, promote social justice & cultural survival, support the arts, and build community.

Guided by our Principles: Putting compassion into action; Supporting organizations and individuals working to make a positive impact in the world; Respecting traditional wisdom and cultures; Being a catalyst for social awareness and change; Practicing trust, inclusiveness, and open-mindedness; and Having Fun!

Tapestry Productions is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Tax ID #99-0949426.

Our Board of Directors
Tamara Klamner – Director & President
Amy Sherts – Director & Secretary
Leslie Yudin – Director & Treasurer
Wavy Gravy – Honorary Director
Aaron Simon – Director
Carol Hoover – Director
Jack Blanks – Advisor